What To Know About Relocating to Tempe

Have you been hearing Arizona calling your name lately? We understand. With a broad cityscape, desert scenery and culture galore, it’s no secret that Phoenix’s next-door neighbor is attracting crowds from every corner. Here are some key things to know about Tempe, AZ, if you’re interested in becoming more than a “snowbird.”

  1. 1. Watch the thermometer. Average temperatures can climb well above 100 degrees in summer months, while lingering around 70 degrees in winter. Tempe has a typical desert heat climate, which makes for a perfect escape from the humidity that sticks in many other regions of the country.
  2. 2. It doesn’t rain much. Tempe experiences less than 10 inches of rainfall annually, so you won’t need an umbrella often (although it might come in handy for protection against the powerful sun rays of the Southwest).
  3. 3. Public transportation is a well-oiled machine. It may come as a surprise that Tempe has an efficient public transportation service system. With free Orbit shuttles —conveniently named after six planets in our solar system — that take you from inner neighborhoods to downtown, light rails and plenty of bus routes, Tempe is the place to choose your path.
  4. 4. It’s easy to get around without a Valley Metro card. If public transportation isn’t your thing, there are other ways to get where you need to go — at your pace. Tempe holds a Gold-Level Bicycle-Friendly Community ranking if you’re interested in bike transportation, but if you prefer riding on four wheels, smooth freeways are suitable for any vehicle.
  5. 5. Arizona State University keeps things fresh. Home of Arizona State University, the campus culturally impacts Tempe and allows students and residents alike to come together and participate in all types of fun events while bonding over their Sun Devils pride.
  6. 6. The Tempe lifestyle benefits The popular Mill Avenue District, now known as downtown Tempe, offers plenty of entertainment and recreational resources. You can take advantage of the plethora of hiking trails, Segway tours and public parks dispersed around town. A lively night scene draws residents and visitors to bars, galleries and concerts.
  7. 7. We’ve got a job for you. A healthy city is built on a healthy workforce. The largest economic industries include educational services, retail trade, and accommodation and food services, but new opportunities are blooming every day.
  8. 8. Urban development is at an all-time high. Tempe is committed to balanced, sustainable growth. The Urban Core Master Plan aptly accounts for the influx of new residents and businesses moving to Tempe.

Relocation is no easy feat. That’s why, with Ward North American’s commitment to making the transition as smooth as possible, you’ll be at ease in your new Tempe home.

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