A Family’s Guide to Moving in Texas During The Holiday Season

A Family’s Guide to Moving in Texas During The Holiday Season

The holidays tend to be a busy and expensive time of the year – Even if you aren’t planning to relocate at the same time. If you are planning a move in Texas during the holiday season, then you will have to take special care to avoid feeling overwhelmed during this special time of the year. The good news? A peaceful move is possible, even with Thanksgiving and/or Christmas on the horizon, as long as you stay flexible and plan ahead. Here are 10 of our top tips for moving in Texas around the holidays. 


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Choose your decorations thoughtfully

While some people may advise you not to put up any decorations (Because you’ll have to take them down again to move), we believe that a little festive spirit is essential during the holidays, move or no move. Instead, think about how to make your decorations simple, convenient, and festive. Here are some of our top suggestions:


  • Use a potted tree instead of a full-sized Christmas tree. 
  • Put out the most important decorations, like stockings and a wreath.
  • Light some Christmas-scented candles. 
  • Put out edible decor, such as pumpkins and cranberries. 
  • Bring nature, like pine cones and branches, into your home. 

If you are moving with younger kids especially, these simple touches of the season can help keep things feeling normal even as you prepare to embark on your family’s next adventure. 

Play holiday music

That’s right! Don’t pack, load, unload, and move to the sound of silence. Create a joyful and festive atmosphere in your home by playing holiday music as you go about your moving tasks. You may be surprised how much of a difference your favorite holiday sound track makes, both to your mood and to your motivation to get the job done.


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Book your mover early

Booking your mover 4-6 weeks in advance is a must no matter when you relocate. However, you should book your mover even earlier for a holiday relocation. 

While they tend to be more available during the winter season, movers also tend to take a little bit of time off around Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s. You will want to secure their services before they are all booked up for the season. 

Arrange for help

Combining two hectic seasons (holidays and moving) can leave your head spinning. Plan to need a little (or a lot) of help during this time. For example, while you may normally take pride in carefully packing all of your items yourself, you may want to invest in the efficient and time-saving help of professional movers. Other help you may want to accept includes


  • Meals from family members. 
  • Help with watching the kids, especially on moving day. 
  • Assistance with removing items that are not coming with you. 
  • Help with decluttering and organizing. 

The more help you can get, the less stressed you feel, and the more time you will have to enjoy, not just survive, the holidays and your move. 


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Skip hosting the holidays

Even if you normally host the holiday festivities for your family, consider rearranging your plans this year. Putting on a party is a lot of work that can be difficult to pull off in the middle of decluttering, cleaning, packing and organizing for a move. Maybe another family member can host this year, your immediate family can do a small meal together, or you can even order your holiday meal from a store. Either way, make sure that your celebrations put as little burden on your shoulders as possible. Chances are that you will have many more years of hosting to look forward to after you complete your relocation. 

Use Christmas cards as your moving announcement

There are many people you will need to tell about your move, from family and friends nearby to those spread far away. Since the holidays are a time for card sending, why not include your announcement, and your new address, in your Christmas cards? That way, you only have to send out one set of communications and you still get to enjoy a traditional holiday practice that can support, rather than hinder, your move. 


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Consider the shorter days

When moving in Texas, you don’t have much to worry about as far as snow is concerned. However, you will have to contend with cooler days and shorter daylight hours. Make sure to plan your move accordingly. Get started earlier in the day, for example. Make sure your load is delivered before dark. And take into account any need you may have for a jacket or other weather-appropriate clothing so you can efficiently manage your move. 

Budget early

Moving in Texas around the holidays brings with it the double whammy of paying for gifts and for moving. As a result, you may need to spend some time planning your finances ahead of time to make sure you can handle the payments coming up. You may even need to spend some time before your move saving for both the holidays and your relocation. If you contact Ward North American, we would be happy to give you a moving estimate so you can plan accordingly for your upcoming relocation costs. 

Pack what you can ahead of time

Have a guest room you won’t be using before your move? Looking to clean out your attic? Have seasonal clothes that won’t need to come out until spring? These are all great places to start packing for your holiday move. If you can get these items tucked away before the holidays hit, you will have less work, and stress, during this busy time of year. Write down everything you need to pack, and then see what you can pack ahead of time (even weeks or months ahead of time) to lighten your load later on. 

Celebrate the holidays in your new home

The holidays won’t look quite the same when you are moving. However, you can start to make your new home feel like yours by including a festive event or two after you relocate. Bake those cookies. Find a caroling event. Open up presents around the boxes on Christmas day. However you choose to celebrate, make sure that the festive spirit comes with you to your new home. 


At Ward North American, we are here to support your move, at any time of the year. Trust our more than 40 years of expertise, extensively trained teams and unwavering commitment to your satisfaction to create a holiday move that you will remember for its seamlessness and joy!