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How To Prepare Appliances For A Move

Planning to take your major household appliances with you when you move? Wondering how you’ll get them from your current address to the next? Whether you’re keeping one or all of your current appliances, getting them to a new location can present a challenge. Even if you’re hiring professionals such as Ward North American to… Read more »

Keeping The Kids Busy During A Move

Relocating from one home to another can be stressful — but even more so when you add kids to the mix. Children thrive on routine. Moving upsets that routine. When you’re preparing for a move, how can you help your kids manage life with boxes and packing tape? When moving day comes, how can you… Read more »

How To Live Minimally In Your Home While You Move

The term “moving day” is a bit misleading when you think about it. Yes, your moving day will be when you finally put everything in the truck and make the journey to your new home. Yet the process leading to that momentous occasion probably will take you more than a single day. All of the… Read more »

Packing Tips To Keep Fragile Items Safe During A Move

Moving, when you get right down to it, is the act of taking everything you own out of your house and putting it in a different home, where it will stay until you have to do it again. When items are damaged or broken during the moving process, it’s not only annoying but it defeats… Read more »

Common Moving Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

Moving can be one of life’s most daunting tasks. Relocating basically everything you own to a new place can be challenging even if that new place is just across town. There are so many facets to moving that it’s easy for a few of them to go wrong. Factor in the anxiety that often accompanies… Read more »