COVID-19 Statement

Ward North American moves more than furniture, we move lives and families. Our company culture, built on a mission to care for our customers, employees and drivers, guides us at a time when we are mutually challenged by the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic.


Here are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions. Click on the question to see the answer.

National Account

What if my goods are going to storage, but I need a few items at destination for temporary housing?
Ward will gladly coordinate delivery to separate locations. It’s best to determine what items you want delivered to temporary housing before your shipment is packed and loaded. This will assure items are inventoried for delivery to the correct location.
Can I place household goods or boxes of personal effects inside of my car when it is transported?
To assure safe delivery and also for insurance purposes, cars can not be loaded with other items when transported by North American Van Lines. Your Customer Service Representative can offer solutions for safe transport of your boxes.
When the movers unpack my boxes, will they put everything away for me?
Unpacking consists of placing the carton contents on countertops and other flat surfaces in the home, and removing the empty boxes from your residence.

Private Transferee

How will my things be protected during my relocation?
Ward North American uses state of the art equipment and protective materials to secure the safe movement of all household goods. Our trained personnel will assure that the proper furniture and residence protection will be used at all times.
How long will it take from the time my items are picked up until they are delivered?
Different factors such as weight, distance and time of the year will determine scheduling. North American has guidelines to assist you in this process.
What if I can’t take possession of my things right away?
Ward North American offers nationwide short and long term storage.


Will my air shipment be loaded onto the same plane I am traveling on?
Due to FAA restrictions on the co-loading of oversized cargo and passengers the two must be transported on separate aircrafts. Ward North American offers short and long term storage.
What happens if I can’t take delivery of my shipment right away when I arrive at my destination?
We understand that you may need some “settling-in” time when you arrive and most of our partner agents will hold a shipment for 5 -7 days without any additional charges being incurred.
How long will it take for my sea shipment to get to its destination?
Depending on what nation you are traveling to it can take anywhere from 6 – 10 weeks to get to the foreign destination. Ensuring that all of your Customs paperwork is submitted to us, fully completed, prior to your departure will help expedite this process.
Are there items in my home that I might not be able to ship to my foreign destination?
Almost all countries have restrictions on certain goods, mainly on foods, firearms, etc. However, your Customer Service Representative will assist you in making sure that you are aware of your destination nation’s requirements.