Here are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions by people who are moving or planning to move with Ward North American. Click on each category below to view the full list of questions and answers within each moving step.

  1. Choosing a Mover – This FAQ looks at various questions when you are in the step of selecting a mover. Topics include: estimates, charges, rates, offers, payments, prices, etc.
  2. Preparing to Move – This category discusses pre-moving topics including: delivery options, possible charges, insurance alternatives, as well as cost control.
  3. Packing for a Move – This FAQ focuses on the most common questions about packing for a move, including: boxes, items, stuff, appliances, clothes, cleaning, etc.
  4. Moving Day – This FAQ deals with typical issues that can arise during moving day, including: protective material, pets, weather and tipping.
  5. International Moving – International moving is a complicated and ever changing topic. We’ll try to answer the most common questions here.
  6. After Moving – What happens after moving? This FAQ will try to address these and other related issues including: unpacking, potential tax relief, as well as damages.

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