Commercial Moving

100% professional-strength commercial moving.

We are ready to move your entire office anywhere.

Superior Project management.

Ward provides a sequenced transition, coordinating the entire process of moving for businesses of all sizes. Whether it is a couple of offices to move or a multi-phase hospital installation, we’re ready to take care of it from start to finish.

The best at best practices.

As confident as we are that you’ll love working with us, we know you want to be finished and ready to move onto other projects fast.

That’s why we put effective project planning and cost-containment best practices to work, reducing downtime and getting you closer to a job well done.

Transition solutions.

No matter what you need to relocate: Hotel, Hospital, School or Warehouse, having the right methods in place are key for a smooth transition. Ward North American takes into account every detail of your project to effectively maintain control and keep track of your assets.

Our WARD Smart Tracker system is our warehouse inventory and management system that can provide you with secure and private reports specific to your projects, including status updates on shipments and real-time status updates of inventory. This way, all parties involved are always informed and up to date throughout the process.

Warehousing and Distribution

Our clean and secure warehousing facilities are designed and equipped specifically to support efficient and controlled receiving, storage and final distribution of furniture, fixtures, medical equipment, electronics and product.

Reliable moving services.

Our diverse experience with big projects ranging from hospitals to scholastic institutions, ensures we have the expertise to efficiently service your move, minimizing disruptions and down time for your business.

Let us handle your business move with professional strength!