6 Steps To Take When Preparing To Move To Another State

6 Steps To Take When Preparing To Move To Another State

Whether you’re moving for work, school or personal reasons, packing all your belongings and relocating to another state is a daunting prospect. Add in other concerns such as kids, pets and/or a tight deadline and it’s a recipe for major stress. So how should you prepare? What are the best things to do before moving to another state? To help answer these questions, here’s a look at some tips on moving to another state.

Start planning early

When it comes to planning to move to another state, you want to give yourself every advantage. That’s why you want to start planning early. By preparing far in advance of your move, you’ll have time to compare movers, set a timeline for packing, arrange for other home and family services as needed and generally alleviate some of the stresses of your transition.

Months before your move, go through your belongings to declutter and simplify what you need to bring, for example. If there is furniture you think you’ll want to replace, get rid of those pieces before your move and plan to purchase new ones when you arrive. Likewise, start packing seasonal or other items that you won’t use immediately. The more you get done in advance, the less there will be to do when the actual moving day comes.

Research your destination

Knowing where you are going is just as important as preparing to leave. As you’re making arrangements for your new home, make plans to visit the new location and get to know the neighborhood. Research school systems if you have kids and determine to which new home you will be moving. These steps can alleviate some of the biggest unknowns in a move.

Compare moving services

Quality movers are a worthwhile investment. To be sure you don’t regret your choice later, take time to compare reviews and costs now. Is there a mover that consistently receives negative feedback? Skip it. Does one mover offer services that are important to you? Get a quote. After you’ve had time to compare a few different providers, you’ll be able to make an informed decision.

Set a timeline

One of the best tips for relocating to a new state is to think carefully about your timeline. Plan out how much time you’ll allocate to decluttering, packing, disassembling furniture, having movers come out, etc. Scheduling the events carefully can give you something to rely upon throughout the otherwise stressful process.

Set aside precious items

If you have irreplaceable or sentimental items that you would absolutely hate to lose, don’t pack them. Choose instead to keep them with you in your car or on the plane when you travel. This is especially useful for little ones, as you can pack a “must have” suitcase of favorite items and necessities to keep in sight during the transition.

Get your mail forwarded

While you want to inform all friends, family, clients and service providers about your new address, it’s always possible that some mail will be skipped. Thankfully, it’s simple and easy to request your mail be forwarded. Just go to USPS.com, fill in your information and choose the date you wish to begin having mail sent to your new address.

Moving is a big decision and transition for anyone. Hopefully, these moving interstate tips can help. When you’re looking for exceptional support through the process, get in touch with Ward North American. As an agent for North American Van Lines for 40 years, we have access to one of the country’s largest and most successful van lines. Our professionals are skilled, experienced movers who will execute your move with precision. Let us help you!