What Is It Like To Live In The Woodlands, Texas?

What Is It Like To Live In The Woodlands, Texas?

Situated about 30 minutes from Houston, The Woodlands is a planned suburban community designed to offer the best of Houston living and small-city community. This multi-cultural haven from the crowded big city may cost a lot to live in but also has unmatched safety, beautiful natural areas, good schools, and more to help you create a rewarding life in one of the best parts of Texas.

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Proximity to Houston

One of the most appealing aspects of The Woodlands is its proximity to Houston. A short drive will get you almost anywhere in the big city, from noted healthcare facilities to exciting nightlife to cultural attractions. Plus, Houston opens up a whole world of employment opportunities with a fairly easy commute. If you are planning to move to The Woodlands, this proximity means you can enjoy the advantages of a rewarding career and the calm of a suburban environment that is entirely family friendly. 

Access to Natural Beauty

Another advantage of living in The Woodlands, Texas, is the opportunity to enjoy green spaces and natural beauty right outside your door. Nicknamed the “Land of Parks,” The Woodlands houses 151 parks, 220 miles of trails, and a master-planned forest area that provides endless opportunities for recreation, exercise, family time and fun. Plus, the community sits around two bodies of water that provide opportunities for water-based fun. Thanks to these extensive green spaces, no home within the city is more than a half mile from a park. 

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Exceptional Schools

For families moving to The Woodlands, TX, the quality of the schools is of great importance. Fortunately, this community receives consistently high rankings for its public school system. Some of the reasons that educational institutions in this area stand out are the following: 


  • Low student-to-teacher ratio

  • Inclusive environment

  • National ranking of #945


Some particularly outstanding schools in the area include the following: 


  • Woodlands High School

  • Coulson Tough

  • Deretchin Elementary School

  • The John Cooper School

  • College Park High School

High Cost of Living

In exchange for an ideal location, natural beauty, and great schools you will need to plan for a higher cost of living in The Woodlands. While the city’s cost of living is right around the national average, it is about percent higher than the state average. This difference becomes even greater when you look at housing costs, which are a whopping 58 percent higher than the Texas average.  As a result, you will need to make sure you have a healthy budget that can support your higher expenses when you move to this treasured area in Texas.

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Endless Entertainment

Once you settle in The Woodlands, you will quickly discover that the area offers many opportunities for fun and relaxation for both individuals and families alike. Here are some of the unforgettable opportunities the community offers you: 


  • Abundant shopping

  • Fine dining

  • Popular bars

  • Lake Woodlands

  • The Woodlands Mall

  • The Pavilion Outdoor Amphitheater

  • Live music and concerts

  • Arts council

  • Free art installations

  • Spas

  • And more


Embrace the joy of living in a community where there is always something to do. And you do not even have to go into the big city to do it! 

Friendly Neighbors

Texas as a whole is known for its big hospitality and open armed embrace of newcomers. That big friendliness is an integral part of The Woodlands, too, which is defined by the kindness of its occupants. Expect to find a close-knit community here, held together by festivals, events, a helping hand when you need it and a willingness to welcome you to your new Texas home. Expect to find opportunities to connect with people everywhere, and do not be afraid to ask for help. You are likely to find a warm willingness no matter what challenges you need help overcoming in your new home. 

High Level of Safety

Finally, The Woodlands is known for being a secure place to live and raise a family. While it does experience the occasional crime (As all places do), it is generally ranked as a very safe place to live. The crime rate is lower than the national average for both violent crime and property crime. This trend of low crime and high security has existed since at least the early 2000s, making its safety a longstanding and reliable aspect of life in this Texas city. 

The Woodlands provides the opportunity to enjoy a rewarding life for you and everyone in your family. If you are planning to move to The Woodlands, trust the movers who have decades of experience, an industry-leading training school and a commitment to excellence. Ward North American is here to make your relocation stress-free! Contact us to get an estimate, schedule your move, and discover the benefits of using a moving company who has the experience and dedication you need for seamless transition to Texas (Or anywhere in the world).