What Is It Like To Live In Houston, TX?

What Is It Like To Live In Houston, TX?

Do you want a change of scenery but need some convincing on why you should move to Houston? There may be some preconceived notions about Texas — we hear everything’s bigger there and football is life — but the Houston lifestyle proves you can work hard and play hard, too. The quickly growing Magnolia City ranks high on many top destination lists, but what is it really like to live in Houston?

What Makes Houston So Unique?

Houston is a great blend of Southern hospitality and metropolitan elegance. One in four city residents was born abroad, contributing to more than 145 languages spoken by residents. The theater and museum districts offer an incredible artistic and cultural experience. Space Center Houston attracts more than one million visitors annually. There’s even an underground pedestrian tunnel system that runs beneath downtown Houston and stretches more than six miles long. These attractions only scratch the surface of Houston’s urban charm.

Benefits of Living in Houston

Here are some key reasons to factor in if you’re considering making Houston you are home.

  • Great quality of life: Living costs are about 26 percent cheaper than the top 20 metro average. Core industries include advanced manufacturing, energy and biotechnology, digital technology and sea trade. The city has high business freedom levels in the workplace, great healthcare and a booming economy — not to mention all the top amenities of a world-class city.
  • The food is reason enough: While many items on the menu may start with “fried,” the calories are worth the experience. Houstonians spend about 5.5 percent of their income on dining experiences. With more than 10,000 restaurants in Houston, you probably won’t run out of options.
  • Entertainment and sports are engrained in the lifestyle: Home of the Astros, Rockets and Beyoncé, Houston maintains a bright collection of sport and concert venues. Cheer on the Houston Texans NFL team at NRG Stadium, grab a drink at 8th Wonder Brewery or visit the National Museum of Funeral History for an interesting adventure.
  • She’s a natural beauty: If you’re the outdoorsy type, Houston has ways of getting you immersed in nature in and out of downtown. There are thousands of acres of green space that are easily accessible in the form of forest preserves, gardens and hiking trails.

Why So Many People Are Choosing Houston

As one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States, Houston is progressive, well-rounded and a place to personally and professionally flourish. With more reasons to move to Houston appearing every day, Ward North American can help make relocation a done deal. Our moving services cover commercial and residential moving, so contact us for a free quote today.