How To Have A Successful Moving Sale

How To Have A Successful Moving Sale

If you’re planning to move anytime soon, now is the perfect chance to de-clutter. One perfect way to do that is to hold a moving sale. By selling the items you no longer need, you can pare down your possessions, making your move easier. What’s more, you can get some extra cash in the process.

If you’re thinking about conducting a moving sale to get rid of unwanted items, here are seven simple tips to make it a successful experience:

Get organized

Set aside some time to gather everything you want to sell. Try to detach emotionally and focus on the benefits of lightening your load for moving day. Then, group similar sales items together: create piles of clothes, books, tools, furniture, etc. This not only helps you keep track of what you’re selling, but it also makes it easier for you to organize items at the sale.

As you prepare for your event, use tables, clothing racks, bins, etc., to display your items in a way that makes for convenient browsing. Display clothing on hangers rather than stuffed into boxes, for example. Lay kitchen utensils on a table where they’re easy to see. The better you organize your items, the easier it will be for customers to buy.

Price strategically

When it comes to a moving sale, it’s vital that you price items correctly to get them sold. Price too high, and you’ll lose the chance to get rid of goods. Forget to put prices on any items, and would-be buyers may ignore them.

Stick to flat $1 or 50-cent pricing increments, and label every item, starting with prices that are at least 30 percent lower than retail rates.

Be prepared

On the day of your sale, have cash on hand so you can break large bills or make change for customers. However, rather than keeping it in a cash box that could be grabbed and stolen, try to use an on-person cash pack to protect the stash.

Other smart preparation steps include setting a mirror by the clothing section, keeping a calculator on hand to add up items, and having a bunch of plastic or paper bags available for bagging what people buy.

Sell with a team

It is common sense to say there’s strength in numbers. By teaming with a few other neighbors or friends, you can make your moving sale attractive and draw more customers. Ask around on your street or community to see if anyone else would like to add items to your sale. Then, work together to make your sale successful.


More customers means greater chances to make sales, so post ads in your newspaper, online forums, Facebook groups, mobile apps, etc. Tell friends and family about the upcoming sale. The more you get the word out, the better.

Use highly visible signage

On the day of your sale, put up bright, visible signage in your neighborhood to draw passers-by to check out your sale. Generally speaking, use big, black, bold letters on a bright white or yellow background to get the most attention.

Be smart about safety

When you open your home, yard or garage for a sale, you invite strangers onto your property. As such, take preventative safety measures. To make sure everyone is protected, remove any potential hazards — equipment, machinery, sharp items, etc. — from the premises. During the sale hours, lock up your house to prevent unwanted access. Also, if you start to rack up a large stash of cash from sales, place significant amounts inside where they’ll be safe.

When it comes to a moving sale, set yourself up for success by practicing proper preparation. Use the seven tips above to get organized — and hold an event that empowers you to move smarter and smoother in the process!