Moving Day FAQ’s

Here are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions on the moving day. Click on each question to see the answer.

Moving Day

Do I offer refreshment to my movers?
That’s your discretion. You may buy them hotdogs or wraps or pizzas. Simpler things like a bottle of water or electrolyte-laced energy drinks are also useful.
How do movers protect walls, floors and fixtures while moving?
Most movers will cover the floor with paper, padding or some protective material. This will guard your flooring. However, ask your mover what their standard operating procedure says about protecting walls, electrical fixtures, shelves etc.
How should I get my pet ready on the move day?
Movers won’t allow pets to be transported. According to move experts, it is best to let your pet travel with you. While you are still packing or getting the boxes loaded there are 3 things that you can do – leave your pet at a boarding centre; ask family or friends to take them in for the day or let them play around. However, owners must see to it that the pet doesn’t get injured, scared or has a chance to escape.
How will my things be protected during my relocation?
Ward North American uses state of the art equipment and protective materials to secure the safe movement of all household goods. Our trained personnel will assure that the proper furniture and residence protection will be used at all times.
Is it a good idea to move if there is snowstorm?
While it’s counterintuitive to set out when a snowstorm is raging, you can still move after it has subsided. Protect your floors with some kind of lining like cardboard or fiberboards as movers go in and out of the house. Your mover may assist you in clearing the path ahead with a shovel or salt. Offer coffee or warm drinks to help movers work in the cold.
Should I tape my boxes or leave them open for the movers?
Sometimes movers compulsorily verify the items they move. So it’s best to avoid sealing them in boxes before they have taken a look. Ask your mover.
What details should I save from the mover on the moving day?
Usually 3 things – a signed copy of the list of items to be moved, contact information for the length of the move and directions to the delivery address.
What happens if it rains on my move date?
A short rainy spell shouldn’t be a deterrent if your boxes are sufficiently covered and protected from moisture. However, it is too much of a risk with wooden, leather or metal furniture and electronic appliances. Your mover may suggest shrink wrap. Rains also disrupt traffic and make roads slippery. Reconsider your move date or time if there is a thunderstorm.
What is the average tipping charge for movers?
On an average, customers usually pay between $20 and $40 as tipping charges to each mover.
Will movers use the same truck for the entire trip or change it?
It is safe to assume that the truck that gets loaded with your items is the same one that delivers it, if it is an in-town move. It simply means movers do not offload items from one truck and load it onto another for shorter distances. If you are moving interstate, your goods may be shifted to another vehicle. This may damage or misplace items.
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