International Moving FAQ’s

Here are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions about international movings. Click on each question to see the answer.

International Moving

Do I need to pay extra for international moves?
Moving costs are calculated on moving services opted for. Regular moving charges cover all transportation fees. Default services provided by the company are also included. For international move, customers will need to pay customs and allied duties for shipment clearance. For accurate details, get in touch with northAmerican International representatives. They can clarify the terms the quotations provided by the movers you have shortlisted.
Do international movers offer storage facilites?
Most international movers offer 2 types of storage – temporary (in-transit storage) and permanent (more than a few weeks). If you do not move into your new residence immediately upon arriving, you can ask your moving company to store your items at an additional cost. They may offer their own facility or connect you with local agents whose warehouse you can use to store your stuff. This is chargeable. As soon as you are ready to receive your goods, you release the payment and the local agent delivers your items. You might have to buy some kind of insurance for your things. Ask your moving company about extra payments to be made at all stages of shipping.
How far ahead of my scheduled departure should I contact international movers?
10 weeks is the standard. You should contact your overseas mover at least 7 weeks in advance to take care of all shipping related matters. Before your scheduled move date, it is useful to confirm travel documents, international shipment services, and inform your overseas moving agent of the impending cargo.
What are some of the things to remember for overseas move?
Contact your overseas mover as soon as your move gets finalized. Prepare for the move by sorting your stuff. This is the best time to discard or give away stuff you no longer need. Organize your belongings into categories like ‘for sale’, ‘for air transport’, ‘send by sea’, ‘send to family’ and so on. This will help you bypass last minute mistakes in packing. In another box, put in essential items that you would need immediately upon your arrival – fresh clothes, travel papers like passport, work permits, family documents, medication, school papers, jewelry and other valuable items.
What items are prohibited and should not be sent by international shipment?
The following items are not allowed on international shipments – inflammable material like gasoline, aerosols spray cans, matches, paint, cleaning solutions and gas canisters; construction material like cement, bricks, stones, rocks and soil; firearms; explosives and toxic substances; live plants. Customers must make sure that their items will not spill over, leak or damage other packages. Prohibited items may attract hefty penalties or may be rejected by moving companies.
What services are available for international moves?
Overseas moving costs depend on the following factors: price, move time, containerization method, route options, freight, port duties, and temporary accommodation expenses. Customers also pay additional shipping fees Experts advise that the shortest route is often the most cost-effective as it saves on time and labor. Customers often overlook expenses incurred on hotel stays as shipment get delayed. Some opt for the slowest move options due to the cheapest prices and end up waiting for essential items for weeks. So basically what you save in cost, you lose in time. Hence international move charges are differently estimated since a lot of factors have to be accounted for, unlike an interstate move. Get in touch with northAmerican International representatives to get a clear picture of what it all involves.
What should I ask my international transport representative?
Your international moving representative must be able to give you a clear picture of what all is involved in moving overseas. The list includes details of containers and methods of packing, unpacking, freight charges, waiting time for delivery, insurance, temporary shipment storage, and additional services applicable. Ask them about shipping options and how charges vary by weight. You may also want to know about the paperwork needed, the details about the moving company and the most effective ways to prepare for an international move.
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