Why People Are Moving To Dallas

Why People Are Moving To Dallas

The city of Dallas is on fire these days, increasing by a whopping one million residents in the last eight years. So what’s the appeal? What are the benefits of living in Dallas, and what might that mean for you? From families looking for good schools to job seekers tapping into the robust local economy, many people are deciding to call Dallas home. Whether you’re considering a move or just curious about why everyone else is, here’s a look at some of the top reasons to move to Dallas, Texas.

  1. Great weather

  2. DALLAS, TX, USA-MAY 26, 2018:Klyde Warren Park, a 5.2-acre public park in downtown Dallas, Texas. People playing sport on green lawn grass under sunny day cloud blue sky. Live oak tree and skyscraper
  3. One big reason why you should move to Dallas is for temperate weather all year long. Especially if you’re coming from the frozen north, you’ll love being able to enjoy outdoors activities in the winter as well as the summer. Average winter temperatures range between 55 and 76, meaning the climate is fine in all seasons.
  4. No state income tax

  5. It’s hard not to love a bigger paycheck, and here in Texas there isn’t a state income tax deduction. Note, however, there are higher property and sales taxes in the area, so if you’re buying a home, the costs may even out.
  6. Lower cost of living

  7. Woman counting and calculate cost money with calculator at home. Budget of disadvantaged and low income family for rising food and grocery store prices and expensive daily consumer goods concept.
  8. Speaking of ways to stretch a paycheck, Dallas has higher average salaries as well as lower average costs of living. If you move here, there’s a good chance you’ll make more, spend less and enjoy a higher quality of life as a result.

Low Housing Expenses

Aerial view waterfront residential subdivision with cul-de-sac dead-end street in suburban Dallas, Texas. Urban sprawl with row of single-family houses and colorful fall leaves, blue skyDespite its position as a big city, Dallas has relatively affordable housing expenses. With housing costs a strong 11 percent lower than the national average, and the median home cost sitting around $439,000, you can expect to find a place to live within your budget.

Prefer to rent? Expect to pay monthly costs of about $1,577 on average. That makes enjoying the amenities of a big city affordable even within a relatively tight budget. Even better? The city’s real estate prices are falling, even while the market remains competitive. With low interest rates and reasonable housing prices, Dallas is an appealing place to invest in housing.

  1. A strong economy

  2. Whether you’re a small business owner or job seeker, you’ll love living in a city that boasts one of the strongest local economies nationwide. The Dallas employment market is thriving, the housing market is hot and the city is home to dozens of the wealthiest Americans.

Cultural Diversity

Dallas is a true melting pot of cultures. In one study, Dallas ranked 9th in the nation for overall diversity. In particular, the city ranked highly in socioeconomic diversity, cultural diversity and religious diversity.

How will this diversity affect your experience in the city? Expect to see it enriching everything from music to food, ideas to historic landmarks. Not only will you be able to enjoy the value that each culture has to contribute, but you will also find your culture warmly embraced.

  1. Exceptional schools

  2. Is your family looking for good public schools? Dallas has one of the best districts in the nation, and is home to two of the top-rated public high schools in the U.S. One of these schools, the School for the Talented and Gifted, is the 8th best school in the nation, according to the U.S. News and World Report.Similarly, the Dallas Independent School District (ISD) is improving faster than almost any other school district in the country. Four of its schools sit on the U.S. News and World Report‘s list of top schools.Dallas’ ability to offer a stellar education does not stop at high school. The city is also home to leading institutions of higher education, such as the University of North Texas, the University of Texas at Dallas and the University of Dallas.
  3. Abundant Outdoor Recreation

  4. May 1, 2015 Dallas, TX USA: People are relaxing and picnicking in free music in the park event in Klyde Warren Park, uptown Dallas, TX.
  5. If you love the outdoors, you may want to move to Dallas. This big city is also big on green spaces, outdoor recreation, and nature. Thanks to the steadily warm weather, you can enjoy the outside any month of the year. The city boasts many opportunities to take in natural beauty or to exercise in the pleasant weather. Here are some of its most popular outdoor opportunities:
    • Visiting the Dallas Zoo
    • Visit the Dallas Arboretum
    • Go mountain biking
    • Use the Katy Trail for recreation and exercise
    • Visit Trinity Forest Adventure Park
    • Listen to outdoor live music
    • Enjoy Six Flags Over Texas
    • Explore Trinity River Audubon Center
    • Embark on a zip line adventure

    With endless trails, numerous parks, lakes and gardens, the outdoors beckons and you can answer the call in your favorite way.

  6. Professional sports teams

  7. Robinson Chirinos catcher for the Texas Rangers at Chase Field in Phoenix,AZ USA July,30,2018.
  8. If you’re a sports fanatic, you’ll love living in Dallas, where professional teams from almost every sport play regularly. The city also embraces a vibrant sports culture, with devoted support of their favorite Dallas teams. Cheer on the Dallas Cowboys or attend all of the Aggies games. You will find like minded sports fans no matter which teams you support. Here are some of the popular options in Dallas:
    • Dallas Cowboys (NFL)
    • Texas Rangers (MLB)
    • Dallas Stars (NHL)
    • Dallas Mavericks (NBA)
    • Dallas Wings (WNBA)
    • FC Dallas (MLS)
  9. A thriving food scene

  10. texas style bbq tray with smoked brisket, st louis ribs, pulled pork, chicken, hot links, and sides
  11. Dallas is a food mecca for anyone who loves a good meal and unique ingredients. Foodies will have plenty of things to do in Dallas, a city with more restaurants per capita than any other major metropolitan area in America!If you want to enjoy classic Dallas fare, try chili, frito pie, barbecue brisket, chicken fried steak, tacos, homemade ice cream and pecan pie. With a wide range of cuisine available, you can also indulge in ethnic fare, including Mediterranean, Ethiopian, Lebanese, Afghan and more.
  12. Large urban arts district

  13. DALLAS, Texas-March 16, 2019: View of the Dallas Museum of Art (DMA), located in the Pearl Arts District in Dallas, Texas.One of the most distinctive and exciting places in Dallas is its Urban Arts District. As the largest urban arts district in the country, it covers 118 acres with art museums, nature museums, centers for performing arts, ballet performances, opera houses, parks, displays and community events designed to foster a love of the arts and culture within Dallas residents. Here are just a few of the exciting locations you can enjoy in this part of the city:
  • Crow Museum of Asian Art
  • Dallas Museum of Art
  • Nasher Sculpture Center
  • Texas Ballet Theater
  • Winspear Opera House
  • And more
  • A travel hub

  1. If you love to travel for pleasure or have to travel for work, Dallas serves as a convenient central location for your adventures. Dallas International Airport is one of the nation’s largest hubs for travel both domestically and internationally. It serves more than 65 million people a year.Dallas is located just a four-hour flight from major travel destinations all over the country. Even better, the local airport is one of the best-ranked in the U.S. This is the perfect location for quickly and easily getting almost anywhere in the nation.
  2. Great public transportation

The Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) has 64 rail stations, 10 Trinity Railway Express (TRE) stations and 14 bus transfer stations. Fares are relatively low, and reduced fares are available for residents who qualify.

Dallas is also ranked the 24th most walkable large city in the nation. With abundant bike trails, neighborhoods that are extremely walkable, getting around the city without a car is possible, even if you are on a tight budget. Just make sure you choose a walkable neighborhood if giving up your car is a priority.

Friendly Culture

Dallas residents love to be neighborly. The city received one of the nation’s first certifications as a welcoming community through the nonprofit organization Welcoming America. The city earned this certification for its willingness and ability to embrace immigrants.

If you move to Dallas, you can expect the city’s warmth to extend to you. From cashiers striking up conversations at the grocery store to a laid back lifestyle that makes it easy to form friendships, you will find everything you need to develop a strong and rewarding social circle in your new home.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Small businesses and new companies can thrive in Dallas, where innovation is rewarded and encouraged. The state of Texas as a whole has received recognition as one of the best states for small businesses, and Dallas itself has earned recognition as a leading force in encouraging small business growth. Recently, small business growth has increased dramatically, and efforts are being made to connect entrepreneurs with each other and with the partnerships that will support their success.

Family – Friendly Environment

View from Klyde Warren Park, Downtown Dallas, Texas

If you want to start or continue raising a family, there are few better places you could choose than Dallas. The city in 2018 received a ranking as the most family-friendly urban area in the nation. What makes Dallas so welcoming to families and children? Here ae some of the opportunities available:

  • Leading school district
  • Low crime rate
  • Available childcare
  • Abundant parks
  • Numerous family-friendly activities
  • Abundant museums
  • Quiet neighborhoods
  • And more

Growing Tech Hub

Dallas is rapidly becoming one of the nation’s leading tech hubs. In 2021, the city received recognition as the nation’s 3rd fastest growing center of technology. This growth has enabled the rise of numerous tech jobs and an influx of tech workers into the greater metropolitan area.

If you are looking for lucrative tech jobs, want to be at the cutting edge of the industry, or simply want to make sure that the place you settle is connected to technology, then Dallas may just be the right place for you.

Strong Healthcare System

Dallas, Texas, USA - April 20th, 2022: UT Southwestern Medical Center buildings

If something were to happen to you while in Dallas, you would want easy access to cutting edge healthcare. Fortunately, Dallas provides this kind of access. It ranks not only nationally, but also globally, for the quality of medical care it provides: 13th nationally and 74th internationally.

While the state of healthcare in Dallas is not perfect, you can expect to find access to specialists across fields, high-ranking hospitals, and reliable providers. Here are some of the hospitals you can visit in the city:

  • Children’s Medical Center Dallas
  • Baylor University Medical Center
  • Methodist Dallas Medical Center
  • Baylor Scott

Safe Neighborhoods

Like any major city, Dallas does struggle with areas of violent crime. However, not only have their violent crime statistics been coming down over the past few years, but the city has earned a reputation for having a number of safe neighborhoods where residents can dwell peacefully. Try these locations for areas where you can be safe and secure in your new city:

  • Winnetka Heights
  • University Park
  • Bluffview
  • City Center
  • Highland Park

Abundant Shopping & Dining

Dallas, Texas - February 22, 2017: Galleria Dallas. An upscale shopping mall located in north Dallas, Texas. People are shopping.

One of the reasons many people move to Dallas is because of the city’s exciting atmosphere of shopping, dining and other entertainment. The city offers a wide number of stores, from cute thrift shops to upscale boutiques.

Enjoy fine dining as well in this foodie paradise. Explore food tours, Tex-Mex. Often, shopping and dining centers go together, making it easy to enjoy a night out, spend the weekend shopping and eating, finding a place for a date, or even finding a fun place to visit near where you live.

Environmental Friendliness

While you may not think of Texas as being a particularly green place to live, Dallas is building a reputation as an environmentally conscious, and responsible, locale. In one study, the city ranked 29th out of 100 American cities examined for their “green” policies.

In fact, Dallas has a dedicated Office of Environmental Quality, whose goal it is to improve the city’s environmental efforts. Areas that the office focuses on are the following:

  • Air quality
  • Smart growth and development
  • Water quality
  • Materials management
  • Non-renewable energy use

If you’re planning a move to one of the hottest, hippest cities in America, talk to the experts at Ward North American. We’ve been helping residents and businesses move to and from Dallas for decades. Today, we’re the company you can trust to streamline and simplify your move, from start to finish. Reach out to us any time to learn more about Dallas, TX, moving services.


[Updated May 2023]