What Is It Like to Live in Conroe, Texas?

What Is It Like to Live in Conroe, Texas?

Many places in Texas offer the small-town Texan vibe, but a few come close to Conroe. From what started as a sawmill in 1881, Conroe is now among the best places to live in Texas. It boasts affordable housing, a small city atmosphere, ample economic opportunities, and stupendous natural beauty. In this article, learn what living in Conroe, Texas, is like.

Stay Closer to Houston

Living in Conroe, TX, makes you close to Houston, the capital of Texas. The distance between Conroe and Houston is 40 miles, which is about an hour of drive. Interstate 45 connects the two and is the closest route. It costs less than $20 to commute between the two cities.

Thus, when you settle down at Conroe, you don’t get to miss anything Houston has to offer, whether it be concerts or sporting events, or the Galveston Bay.

That’s not to say that Conroe is dull. Within the city limits, you have a vibrant downtown teeming with shopping malls, restaurants, breweries, local eateries, national franchises, and movie theaters.

The closeness to Houston is just a perk of staying in Conroe.

Conroe is Cheaper than National Average

Conroe is not among the cheapest town to live in the US, but it is certainly not the one that dents your pocket every month.

Conroe is 5-7% cheaper than the national average in terms of the overall cost index. Here’s an estimate of all the major expense indices for Conroe compared to the national average (data provided by Best Places):

  • Overall – 94.9/100
  • Housing – 91.4/100
  • Grocery – 97.3/100
  • Health – 95.6/100
  • Utilities – 98.7/100
  • Transportation – 92.3/100

While the differences might not be a lot, they can make a difference in the long term. For example, on housing, you can save around $90 on a $1,000 monthly rental. This translates to over $1,000 in annual savings from housing alone. You can fund an annual trip or upgrade your old car with proper planning.

Conroe Enjoys a Stable Economy

Conroe began with the establishment of a sawmill by Isaac Conroe in 1881. Since then, the region has flourished, seen ups and downs, and now enjoys a stable economy. This means more jobs are being created, and income is rising for the residents.

In 2020, the median household income in Conroe stood at $61,997. Workers in the oil & gas extraction sector earn the highest wages at $83,582. The largest industries in Conroe are retail, education, health care, social assistance, and agriculture. Most of these are evergreen industries.

So if you’re moving to Conroe to make a career or want a better prospect for your children, it’s perhaps the right move. The proximity to Houston, which is filled with tech companies and major public offices, also helps the cause.

The School System is Excellent in Conroe

The residents of Conroe also benefit from the city’s superior schooling system. Conroe has its own school district, the Conroe Independent School District (CISD). It is one of the fastest growing school districts in the US, adding over 1,500 students yearly.

Within CISD, there are 42 elementary schools, seven junior high schools, and five high schools. Many of these schools rank high in national and state-level rankings. For the academic year 2018-19, the school district scored 89/100 in the Texas Education Agency’s study.

Besides the schools, CISD has a dedicated police department to ensure children’s safety. It covers the entire school district in Conroe, Woodlands, Oak Ridge, Caney Creek, and Shenandoah.

An abundance of Outdoor Recreation

Living in Conroe, TX, has another benefit. A place full of natural delights, you’ll find an excess of outdoor recreation opportunities just outside the borders.

The city is surrounded by three natural landmarks: Lake Conroe, Sam Houston National Forest, and WG Jones State Forest.

Lake Conroe is a 22,000-acre or 32-mile man-made lake built in 1950 to combat drought. Today, it supplies water to many surrounding cities and towns and offers fun activities to visitors. There are picnic spots, boat rentals, and lakeside dining opportunities.

Likewise, the Sam Houston National Forest offers several outdoor recreation options like hiking, mountain biking, and horseback riding. Within the forest, you’ll come across the Huntsville State Park, which consists of 2,000 acres of East Texas Pineywood and 210 acres of Lake Raven.

Contrastingly, the WG Jones State Forest is more about education and conservation. With a rich year-round flora and fauna, there are several demonstration and research areas throughout the state forest. Around 80,000 people visit WG Jones State Forest annually to learn about the forest environment up close.

Conroe is a perfect destination for anyone looking for the Texan small-town charm with big-city amenities. Already recognized as one of the top growing cities in the US by the Census Bureau, Conroe is on a growth trajectory. The proximity to Houston helps in every possible way. Thus, it’s a good city to live in, make a career, or retire.

Moving to Conroe, TX

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