What’s It Like To Live In Spring, Texas?

What’s It Like To Live In Spring, Texas?

Spring, Texas, is a lovely small-town community well known for being family-friendly, with excellent schools and access to outdoor activities. Nestled in the heart of Texas, Spring offers a charming atmosphere of a suburb in nature’s embrace. With a rich history of neighborly warmth, cultural richness, and the joys of simple living, Spring has been attested to be more than just a place to reside.

Spring may be the right choice if you want to start anew in a different city. However, moving to a different city can be daunting without proper information. To ensure your decision is right, knowing everything about a place before moving is always best.

So, in this article, we will discuss everything about living in Spring, Tx: the community, housing, accessibility, crime rate, and the pros and cons of living in Spring. Let’s get started!

What You May Love About Spring, Texas

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Vibrant and Inclusive Community

The residents of Spring are a dynamic community of diverse backgrounds, cultures, and experiences. They are especially known for their friendly and welcoming nature. The population comprises families, professionals, and individual residents enjoying the slow life of this unique suburban and rural living blend.

Residents of Spring harbor a strong sense of community. It’s where neighbors become close friends who occasionally bond over barbecues, birthday celebrations, and parties, creating a sense of belonging in the society with shared memories and experiences.

Affordable and Dynamic Housing

According to Payscale, the cost of living in Spring is 5% lower than the national average. The housing landscape in Spring ranges from cozy apartments to family homes. Valuing accessibility, the city offers housing options that accommodate various income levels.

Surrounded by beautiful nature and its proximity to Houston, the affordable housing ensures that residents enjoy a high quality of life without compromising on budget. The city’s commitment to inclusivity and affordability increases the appeal and attractiveness of the place.

High-Quality Education

Spring offers a thriving educational environment to kids of all age groups. Independent School Districts (ISD) like Conroe, Klein, and Spring offer good quality education. Apart from these, two more school districts are located in the North and Northwest of Spring. These are Cy-fair and Tomball, which are A-rated ISD. Moving to Spring might be a good idea if you want a nurturing and academically enriching environment for your children, all thanks to its well-rounded education programs.

Easy Accessibility on the Go

Spring also offers unparalleled accessibility to numerous well-connected highways. This facilitates convenience in traveling within the region and other cities. The city is strategically located near Interstate 45 and the Grand Parkway, which provides seamless connectivity to Houston and surrounding areas.

Spring’s proximity to Houston opens up various job opportunities, entertainment, and other cultural experiences, adding to the city’s charm and appeal.

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A Plethora of Job Opportunities

The job market in Spring is highly diversified, with opportunities spanning over various industries. The city is home to businesses, healthcare, education, technology, manufacturing, construction, and retail. Major employers have contributed to job diversity by creating positions in healthcare facilities, schools, and corporate offices.

The flourishing job environment fosters job creation for various skill requirements, such as professionals, skilled workers, and entry-level positions. With the collaborative effort of the local government and business, Spring has become an attractive destination for people seeking diverse and fulfilling career paths.

An Array of Outdoor Activities

If you love outdoor adventures, you will love Spring, as you can immerse yourself in its natural beauty. Surrounded by scenic parks like Pundt Park and Meyer Park, you can enjoy leisure walks, picnics, hiking, and bird watching. There are also extensive trails for walking, running, and biking offered by Spring Creek Greenway, a nature reserve in Spring.

If you love water sports, you can enjoy kayaking, fishing, and other popular activities along Spring Creek. The Collins Park Lake and Mirror Lake also offer various water-based recreations and relaxation. That’s not all! You can also enjoy a game of golf at acclaimed golf courses like Cypresswood Golf Club.

Various events and outdoor concerts are also held, adding to the many activities you can enjoy. The city’s active efforts to preserve the natural surroundings significantly add to the aesthetic appeal of Spring. Not only that, it also ensures the residents remain active as they enjoy the outdoors.

Culinary Delight

Spring is home to one of the most famous Barbeque places in Texas. Corkscrew BBQ has earned its place among the Top 50 best BBQs in Texas, winning the taste buds of many nationwide. Thanks to the community’s vibrant and multicultural ethnicity, the city offers a diverse culinary experience that caters to different tastes. This has led to various restaurants, cafes, and eateries providing their own culinary delights.

Spring has something for every palate. For a juicy and sizzling plate of Fajitas, you can head over to Pappasitos. For delicious and flavorful Tacos, you can visit Torchy’s Tacos. And for delicious sushi, you can try Bloofin Sushi, a wonderful place that offers the freshest fish. There are also Greek restaurants where you can enjoy authentic food and entertainment.

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Low Crime Rate

Safety is a major priority when moving to a different city. Luckily, Spring prides itself on being a city with a lower crime rate than the rest of the country. As mentioned in Bestplaces, in 2023, the violent crime rate in Spring was recorded at 15.2, while in Houston, it was 50.4, and the national rate was 22.7.

The low crime rate has contributed to the overall safety and security of the city. Diligent efforts of law enforcement and community policing have played a major role in keeping the city safe. This attracts individuals and families who are seeking safe communities to call home.

What You May Not Like About Spring!

Extreme Weather

Texas is well known for its hot weather; similarly, Spring also experiences extreme weather conditions. Summers can be a bother when the temperatures exceed 95 F and are accompanied by high humidity levels. The city can also experience long heat waves during the summer. The city often battles unpredictable weather, which can be hot and humid in the morning but experience torrential downpours in the evening.

There can also be hurricane threats as it is near the Gulf of Mexico. While direct hits are rare, the city can experience heavy rainfall and strong winds during the hurricane season. Tornadoes are another threat to the region, especially during the spring months.

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Traffic Congestion

While Spring is largely accessible to highways, public transportation is extremely limited, which has made its residents dependent on cars. This has led to the city experiencing heavy traffic and road congestion during peak office and school hours. If you are considering a move to Spring, you must buckle up and be ready for traffic. You can only avoid it by checking live traffic updates or avoiding driving during peak times.

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Property Tax

Texas is a state that does not have an income tax. However, it levies high property taxes. According to Smartasset.com, property tax in Texas is the seventh highest in the country, with an average of 1.60% compared to the national average of 0.99%. A typical homeowner might pay property tax of up to $3,797 annually. So, if you are a potential homeowner, make sure you keep this in mind while budgeting.

Urban Sprawl

Urban sprawl can be a hassle for some, while others can consider it a necessity for economic development. Nevertheless, urban sprawl can lead to increasing population, pollution, reduced agricultural capacity, increased commute times, and increasing car dependency.

Plan Your Move Now!

Living in Spring, Texas, offers a wonderful blend of charm, affordability, and a unique sense of community. However, like any other city, Spring has its own share of challenges, but nothing that cannot be overcome.

If you plan to move to Spring, Texas, we are here to make your move as smooth as possible. Ward North American comes with 40+ years of moving experience. We know what it takes to execute an effortless move. Contact us today to plan your upcoming move or to learn more.