What Is It Like To Live In Richmond, TX?

What Is It Like To Live In Richmond, TX?

Nestled in Fort Bend County, the small city of Richmond, Texas, is only about 45 minutes from the big city of Houston and a world away from boring small town life. With a population of just over 12,000, Richmond still manages to avoid the downsides of small towns while embracing a rich history, diverse culture, and strong sense of community. Thinking about living in Richmond, TX? Here is a glimpse at life in this charming Texas town. Richmond. Texas. USA

A Sense of Community

One of the things Richmond is most known for is its strong sense of community and its commitment to families. For example, the city proudly provides family-friendly cultural and artistic events and festivals throughout the year. Each of these events give residents the opportunity to connect with each other. Outside these events, you will find your neighbors, cashiers and others friendly, welcoming and easy to talk to. Living in Richmond means living in a place that makes it easy to feel like you belong. 

Railroad bridge over the Brazos River in Richmond, Texas.

A Rich History

Richmond, though small, has a rich and storied past, which it embraces with enthusiasm. Whether you live in Richmond or just visit, you can take a walk through this history at the Fort Bend Museum. Or, try George Ranch Historical Park, a living history museum that gives you a firsthand experience of the city’s past.

You can learn about fascinating and formative aspects of the South, including sugar plantations, the Civil War, and Texas’ struggle for independence. Replete with historic landmarks and buildings, Richmond gives you access to a life in the present that is enriched by the past. 

Educational Opportunities

One of the reasons that Richmond is an appealing place to raise a family is because of the rich educational opportunities it makes available. Served by the Fort Bend Independent School District, and Lamar Consolidated Independent School District, the city offers above-average instruction for children in grades K-12. 


In addition, the district prioritizes both academics and extracurricular activities, promising children a well-rounded education and a lot of fun. If you do not want to embrace the public schools, you can also find a number of private schools from which to choose as well. 

Outdoor Activities

Richmond partakes in the beauty of the Texas countryside, making it an ideal place to enjoy outdoor activities of all kinds. Enjoy picnics, hiking, biking or fishing along the Brazos River. Relax among the greenery of the city’s many parks. Or visit George Park for family fun ideal for the entire family. Living in Richmond, TX, gives you the opportunity to fully indulge your passion for nature, beauty and recreation. And if you are raising a family in this charming Texas locale, you can expect to find abundant opportunities to enjoy the outside with every member of your clan, from the tiny tots to the adult children. 

Robust Economy

Richmond, TX - March 10, 2018 A staue of Mirabeau B Lamar, the 2nd president of TX stands in front of the historical courthouse in Fort Bend County

Richmond’s size is not a reflection of its economic health. The city enjoys a robust and growing economy focused primarily on local businesses. New businesses are established all the time, and you can expect to find jobs in everything from retail and boutique stores to large companies. That makes living in Richmond a rewarding move. It should also alleviate your concerns about finding sufficient employment in your new home. Plus, with Houston a relatively short drive away, you can easily access any of the abundant employment opportunities that big city provides. Just decide what you want to do for your job, and chances are you can do it AND live in Richmond, TX. 

Close to Houston

When you choose life in Richmond, TX, you choose the perfect blend of small town life and big city access. Situated less than an hour from Houston, Richmond is an easy drive to the city’s attractions, entertainment, dining, transportation, healthcare and more. Take day trips with the family. Commute back and forth from your dream job. Manage chronic conditions easily. Access an airport to go anywhere in the world. And imagine raising your family in a safe small town, while having all of the joys of the big city at your fingertips. 

Diverse Real Estate Market

It doesn’t matter what type of housing you love. In Richmond, TX, you can find it all. Discover charming older abodes, modern luxury, and cozy apartments. Single-family homes, ranch-style properties and more are all available in a housing market that has enough diversity in budget and type to help you find the right place for yourself and your family. 

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