After Moving FAQ’s

Here are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions after a move. Click on each question to see the answer.

After moving

Does my moving cost come with tax relief?
Your reasons for moving affect your taxes more than the cost of moving. If you go interstate for a job change or business, you may get substantial tax relief. For more accurate information and criteria of time and distance, you can check IRS Form 3903.
How do I unpack fast?
Pack things with the unpacking in mind. Use labels or numbers to line up boxes while unpacking. If you wear out, head to the ‘bedroom’ box – pillows, blankets and sheets- so you can hit the bed fast.
What if I can’t take possession of my things right away?
Ward North American offers nationwide short and long term storage.
What happens if my things are damaged in transit?
Most movers offer liability coverage for the goods they carry. It is paid by weight, not price or type of item. The terms are different for every business. On an average, the coverage stays between 30 and 60 cents a pound. Some movers offer value protection. It means movers are liable to compensate the value of an item lost or damaged in transport.
When the movers unpack my boxes, will they put everything away for me?
Unpacking consists of placing the carton contents on countertops and other flat surfaces in the home, and removing the empty boxes from your residence.
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