Covid-19 Statement

Message to our customers:

Global, national and local concerns related to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic are increasing.  In light of this, Ward North American’s priority is the safety and health of its customers, employees and drivers. Given the exceptional circumstances, and the nature of the service we provide, we request our customers join us in our mission to maintain a safe environment, both for their own families and our crews, by adhering to the following guidelines when our drivers and crews are in your home. 

Please advise your Ward North American Move Consultant immediately if you are aware that anyone in your family or residence is experiencing or has experienced any kind of symptoms of respiratory infections or has been travelling internationally or domestically in the past two weeks, regardless of destination.

Make every attempt to have your home clean and moving-ready before the arrival of our crews. Please make sure that the space well ventilated at all times. Be prepared for our crews to take breaks outdoors if they are working in closed areas such as basements, closets and storage areas. 

Kindly make sure that your home will not be over-crowded during the moving day. We strongly recommend the presence of only one adult family member in the house during the moving day(s), in order to help us comply with social distancing recommendations. We are monitoring and reducing our crew sizes when we are able to help reduce head count in homes. 

Respectfully designate if you are able, a dedicated bathroom for the usage of our crews and make sure soap, water and disposable paper towels are readily available for the usage of the staff members working in your home.

At all times, please remember that the measures we are taking are meant to provide safety and peace of mind not only for our employees on-site, but also to you. Finally, please don’t feel offended by staff members potentially wearing surgical gloves or face masks in your home and remember that ultimately such measures might be beneficial to you as well. 

We continue to monitor the situation very closely and assure you that significant additional measures are constantly implemented in order to fight the outbreak, in customers’ residences, as well as with regard to our crews, drivers and the general public.