How to Pack a Flat Panel TV for Moving

How to Pack a Flat Panel TV for Moving

With 121 million homes boasting at least one television in the United States, chances are you have one to take with you during your next relocation. Expensive, fragile, and large, however, televisions are not always easy to move. If you want to move your flat panel TV without damage, you will need to follow a few strategies for protecting it against damage. Here is a look at how to pack your flat panel TV for moving.

Unplug and pack your TV’s accessories.

The first step in preparing your flat panel television for a move is to unplug the television and pack away all cords, plugs, and accessories. In order to avoid confusion when you are installing your television at your new place, follow these steps to removing and labeling your cords:

  • Unplug one cord one at a time.
  • Label each cord with masking tape.
  • Velcro each cord to the matching device, or place in a Ziploc bag.

Follow a similar process for all remotes and other accessories. Once finished, you can move on to cleaning your television.

Clean your television before moving it.

If you are like most TV owners, you don’t make cleaning your television part of your daily routine. You can remedy this oversight before you move. Follow these steps to keep your TV clean before your relocation:

  • Dust the television.
  • Use screen cleaner on the TV screen.
  • Clean the back vents with canned air.

Protect the flat panel TV screen.

The primary concern when moving a flat screen television is the screen, which is large, fragile, and prone to damage from bumps and vibrations. That is why the first thing you do after cleaning and packing accessories is to protect the screen. Try these steps to ensure that the screen is safe from bumps, scratches, and the vibrations of the moving van:

  • Use a TV screen cover if you have it to protect the screen.
  • If not, use two layers of bubble wrap around the screen.
  • Tape the screen cover or bubble wrap in place.
  • Cover the screen with a moving blanket.
  • Secure the blanket with a bungee cord.
  • Add a layer of packing paper over the screen.

One important detail to remember is to avoid touching the screen with the tape. Make sure the tape only touches the TV case in order to avoid damaging the screen when you remove the tape at your new location.

Pack the television into a box.

Once your screen is protected, you will need additional packaging to ensure a safe move. The best packaging to use is the television’s original packing pieces and box.

If you do not have the television’s original packaging, you can make do with other packaging supplies. Here are some tips for packaging the television securely.

  • Find a moving box that is approximately the size of your flat panel TV, or use the original box.
  • Leave 2-3 inches of space around the television.
  • Slide foam pieces onto the corners of the television.
  • Fill the extra space with blankets or other soft packing supplies.
  • Securely tape the box closed.

Place the television inside the moving truck.

Once your television is securely placed inside a box, you will need to place it into the moving truck (Or have your movers do it for you). The television should never lay flat on its screen. The vibrations from the truck can damage the screen.

Instead, sit the TV upright in the truck with the screen facing away from the sides of the truck.  Make sure to surround the television with other items in order to keep it from sliding or falling over while the moving truck travels. You can also use a bungee cord to secure the TV inside the truck. Once the TV is secured, fill the space around it with soft blankets, pillows, or other items to provide additional cushioning for the drive.

Unpack your flat panel TV with care.

Once you finish packing and moving a panel TV, you will need to unpack it with care. Here are some tips for safely setting up your television in your new home:

  • Use at least two people to lift and maneuver your TV.
  • Keep your TV upright at all times.
  • Check the security of the wall mount.
  • Let the TV warm up inside before you plug it in and turn it on.

Packing your flat panel television requires time, attention, and care. However, the right process can help you get your prized possession safely to its new home. Here at Ward North American, our professional-strength movers handle all of your belongings with meticulous care. From helping you pack your TV to carefully getting it to your new home in one piece, we can assist in making your move less stressful, from beginning to end.